A Comprehensive Look at the ViSalus Product Line

ViSalus is a company that is engaged in offering health supplements designed to help people cut down on excessive weight. The company is a part of Blyth, a large company located in Greenwich, Connecticut. Founded by Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola, the company has a vision of taking the weight off the world and helping overweight or obese people lose weight and become healthy once again! The company’s foundation is all about good nutrition, and this reflects in the products it offers. In this article, we are going to explore the visalus shake mix product line and take a closer look at some of the common products offered by the popular company.

body by vi 90 day challenge

This health supplement is a part of the body by vi 90 day challenge which helps people lose weight and transform their bodies in just 30 days’ time! Touted as a supplement which enables you to take hold of your food cravings, this clear, tasteless and flavorless powered supplement drink mix can be added to water, Vi-Shape shake or any beverage of your choice and consumed.

The key ingredients of the supplement, i.e. Super CitriMax, Acetyl L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, ChromeMate, PEA and Carnitine help curb your appetite and enable you to stay full for longer. Dieting can be very stressful and people often tend be mistaken in distinguishing cravings for actual hunger, thus, Vi-Trim is very useful in such situations.


Vi-Slim is basically a dietary supplement tablet that awakens your metabolism and help it stay fired up! Its proprietary formula works wonderfully when it comes to metabolizing fats and carbs. For best results, it is advisable to administer the supplement tablet along with a healthy diet and workout routine. Apart from boosting metabolism, the tablet also helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels in the body.

The dietary supplement is made up of a unique blend of powerful ingredients. The most prominent key ingredient of the product is ForsLean Coleus Extract, which does a great job at accelerating the metabolic rate of the body to burn fats faster. Vi-Slim also contains the patented and lab-tested Cocoa extract called Chocamine which provides one with a boost in terms of energy levels. Evodiamine extract is also present in the product, this helps in supporting the metabolic process of the body.

visalus shake mix


People love to throw shade on caffeine and ramble on its adverse side effects; however, a little bit of caffeine is good for the body. Neuro is a low-caffeine drink mix that provides a burst of energy in the body and also helps the brain function better. It is made from a blend of strong ingredients that deliver exactly what they promise. The DMAE present in it helps in supporting brain functions whereas the Rhodiola Extract provides the body with more stamina and endurance. In addition to this Neuro is also contains natural caffeine, Vitamin C and B vitamins. This health drink comes in two flavors: lemon and raspberry.


Vi-Bites is a nutritious and healthy snack that comes in four delicious and exciting flavors: Glorious Greens, Fruit Frenzy, Fiesta NBut and Chocolate Monkey. Fruit Frenzy is a mix of freeze-dried fruits; Glorious Greens is a blend of freeze-dried vegetables flavored with spices that resemble the Italian taste; Chocolate monkey is basically a blend of nuts, seeds, banana chips and chocolate; Fiesta Nut is full of nuts and seeds that are high on protein content. These do not come with artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives and are great for on-the-go consumption. With Vi-Bites you can snack on something tasty and still achieve your health goals!


If you’re a fan of ViSalus’ nutritional shake mix which tastes just as delicious as a cake mix then you’ll love Vi-Crunch. This is a protein rich super cereal that contains the same amount of protein and fiber as the shake mix. Made from the proprietary Fi-Sorb blend of proteins, rosemary and grape seed antioxidants, this cereal comes in sweet cream flavor with an added bonus of almond slices, which provides extra nutrition and crunch. The super cereal is not laced with bad ingredients like artificial colors, preservatives and sweeteners and is great for those who are controlling their sugar intake. It is also low on fats and cholesterol.

How to get life insurance benefits


Life insurance is a major part of long- term financial planning. However, to incorporate this tool effectively into your portfolio, you need to understand how and when this insurance policy is delivered to the beneficiary. Yelp listing includes getting to understand how fast benefits are paid and also designing the policy having the best payout options and which works best with clients’ estate planning.

Life Insurance Edmonton – Mike Dennis will pay death benefits to the stated beneficiaries, in the event that the insured party passes on.

Life Insurance Edmonton - Mike DennisHow to file a life insurance benefit claim

The first step is for the beneficiary to notify the insurance company of the demise of the policy holder. This should be done as soon as possible. The beneficiary is required to directly call the policy holder department service. In a case where the insurance policy was issued through an employer or an agent, the beneficiary is required to ask them to notify the insurance company so as to be able to initiate the claim process.

The second step is to begin the process of claim by filling and signing a claimant’s statement. Attach it to either an original or a certified copy of death certificate of the policy holder. The insurance agent may fill the form for beneficiary, in case he is still distraught to do it. However, the beneficiary will still have to sign it by himself. In case there is another beneficiary named on the policy, he/she will be required to also fill a claim form. A beneficiary may also be required to fill an IRS Form-request for a taxpayer identification number and certification. This will enable the company to notify IRIS of any interest that has been paid to the beneficiary on the policy value. For beneficiaries to expedite their claims, they need to follow insurance company’s instructions carefully and to the fullest.

The third step is to wait for the insurance company to process the claim. They are normally paid very fast. This should take only a few days. Before any payment is done, the company will have to be sure that the named person is the genuine beneficiary, that policy in question is up-to-date and in force and all conditions of the policy are adhered to. This is normally just a small matter and doesn’t delay the claim process. More often, claims are always delayed in case the insurance company is yet to receive valid death certificate. Insurance companies also have right to contest and probably deny a claim in case the insured party passed on within two years after purchasing the policy, and if the company believes that during the application of the claim, there was a material misstatement or fraud.


When Benefits Are Paid

Normally, life insurance benefits are only paid out when the insured party has passed on, and beneficiaries file death claims with the company. They must submit a genuine copy of death certificate. In many states, insurance companies are given a month to review claims. After this they can pay the claim, deny it or request for more information. Most insurance companies settle claims within one to two months from the date the claim was made. Although there is no time frame, insurance companies are encouraged to settle the claims as soon as possible, after getting a bona fide proof of the passing on. This is normally done so as to prevent steep interest charged for delaying settlement of the claim.

Situations that Could Delay Payouts

Several reasons can result into delayed payment of a claim. They are:

If the insured party dies within two years after the purchase of the policy, the beneficiary may be forced to wait for 6 to 12 months. This is because of the two year contestability clause. Most life insurance policies contain this clause. It allows carries to investigate original application to be sure that there was no fraud committed. The beneficiary will receive the claim as long as the company can’t prove that the insured party lied on application. Many policies also have a suicide clause which permits insurance companies to deny benefits if the insured party kills himself within the first 2 years of the policy.

Homicide is also another good reason to delay settlement of the claim. In this case, a claim’s representative will be required to contact the detective assigned to investigate the cause of death to rule out a beneficiary as a suspect. The benefit will be withheld until the beneficiary is acquitted or charges are dropped.


As stated earlier, life insurance is an integral part of financial planning. For a beneficiary to claim the benefit, he/she must submit a genuine copy of the death certificate. Normally, beneficiaries are required to follow the right channel of filing for compensation. The beneficiaries are advised to avoid situations that could lead to delaying of benefits or what could make an insurance company to deny the claim.

How to Find a Good Tutoring Teacher

Learning can take many forms, from going to school to private tutoring. The end result should be the same – the student should acquire the needed knowledge to master one subject or another. Some students, no matter if they are in elementary school or a higher form of education, prefer the help of a tutor, whenever they feel the need to improve something.

However, finding the right tutor can be hard, especially if you are a parent and you want to offer the best for your child.

Here are some things that you can do, to make sure that your child has the perfect tutor.

The Learning Style

Education conceptEach child has his own learning style, and because of this, the person that tutors his or her, should be able to understand the style. There are tutors who manage to successfully teach a child, but they won’t succeed with another – all this is due to the learning/teaching style. When you start looking for a tutor, ask the counselor from the school to help you what kind of learning style your child has. There are three types of learning – visual, kinesthetic or auditory.


This is very important when you find a tutor that fits your request about the learning style. The credentials are needed because this way you will know if the person you have chosen is qualified to teach the subject that your child needs. The degrees that the tutor has are important, but so are the recommendations of other clients, other parents who have used the services of that tutor for their children.

Safety is Important

canstockphoto9751902_EducationWhen you consider hiring a private tutor for your child, you should also consider if the learning environment would be safe and comfortable for the child involved. If you can’t have the tutoring at home, where you can supervise the process of teaching, you should hire someone to do a background check for the tutor that you’ve chosen. It’s not too much, but at least you will have a basic understanding about the person that you’ve trusted your child’s learning with.

Feedback and Communication

It may take a while before there is an open channel of communication between the tutor and the student, because each one of them is different. However, you should consider that your role as a parent is to make sure that your child gets the best out of these tutoring lessons. Communicate often with the tutor and ask for feedback, and also involve the child in these discussions. It’s important for the child to understand that tutoring helps him improve his knowledge, and sharing feedback should be helping him.

FocusOnEducation-3Ask for feedback from the tutor after every lesson, and see the evolution that your child has had. This way you will know better what topics were covered during the tutoring session, and what they will be doing next.

Setting Goals

There are no two children who are alike regarding the teaching/learning style. It’s important that the student can understand a subject from school, from the moment that the lesson is given. Apart from the hard work that the student does at home, the tutor’s job is to make sure that the student has the best understanding of the subject, this allowing him/her to be empowerment-through-educationable to pass on to a new lesson, without problems. To be successful, your child should have a goal for these tutoring sessions – the classroom performance or simply the general understanding along with comprehension of the subject.

It’s important to have good marks at school, but that’s not all that makes them great children. Play and fun is also important, and even this could help them learn something new.

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